Sunday, August 2, 2009

The detection of HuR in tumor tissues.

The HuR protein is an important regulator of gene expression. It has been shown in many studies that HuR mediates the effects of cellular signals that upregulate gene expression at theRNA level. In general, such signaling pathways lead to an increased binding of HuR to particular elements within the mRNA, which abrogates the effect of factors that degrade mRNA. HuR is a nuclear protein and it's activation is signalled by its transport to the cytoplasm. The cytoplasmic localization of HuR has been corrrelated to the grade or prognosis of human tumors. Clonegene's CG001 monoclonal is the reagent of choice in determining the expresison of HuR in parafin embedded archival tumor sections. In the example shown to the right, CG001 was diluted 1/1000 and incubated with tumor sections for one hour at room temperature. (The section was deparafinized and treated with RETREVIA ). Bound antibody was revealed by incubation with standard anti-mouse secondary followed by Vector Labs ABc elite peroxidase reagents. For more information on CG001, contact Clonegene or email :
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